Will you buy my vehicle without me purchasing a vehicle?

Yes, in fact that’s all we do is buy vehicles.

Will Chachingo purchase any vehicle in any condition?

Yes, from high mileage to luxury vehicles and exotic highlines, we buy it all!

What does Chachingo do with the vehicles they purchase?

By offering our vehicles up for sale to thousands of dealers across the country, we are able to make a small profit by maximizing the value of every vehicle purchased in a competitive bidding environment.

Does Chachingo offer online appraisals?

No, online offers can be rescinded upon physical inspection of the vehicle which is exactly the type of consumer disappointment that Chachingo is wants to avoid. By laying eyes on your vehicle, we are able to offer you top dollar without needing to leave room for error and your offer is 100% guaranteed.

How long will it take to appraise my vehicle?

Our express drive-thru appraisal allows us to appraise a vehicle in 10 minutes or less!

Do I need an appointment to get my vehicle appraised?

No, just drive to your nearest Chachingo location and you’ll be served on a first come first served basis. With multiple drive-thru lanes, we can appraise more than one vehicle at a time.

How does Chachingo value my vehicle?

We take in a number of factors including year, make, model, mileage and condition along with up to the minute market data.

How will I get paid for my vehicle?

We will issue you a check that can immediately be deposited at your financial institution or cashed at any BMO Harris Bank branch.

What do I need to bring to sell my vehicle?

The vehicle registration, title, valid ID for each owner listed on the title, all keys, manuals and any other accessories that belong with the vehicle.

What if my vehicle if is leased or financed?

Not to worry, we payoff our customer’s vehicle lenders all the time and will issue you a check if you have equity in the vehicle. Please bring your account number, lender’s name and phone number. Ideally, you can request a written copy of your payoff from your lender in advance but it’s not necessary until you accept our offer.

What if I owe more on my vehicle than it is worth?

It is not uncommon for our customers to sell us their vehicle even though it may be worth less than they currently owe. Under this scenario, you will need to pay us the difference by credit card or certified check and we will then pay your vehicle lender in full.