Third Party Websites

They require a lot of work and entail a lot of risk. Writing content, uploading photos, fielding phone calls and scheduling appointments is no small task. If you do get an interested party, you won’t know who the heck is coming to your door or if it’s safe to take them on a test drive. Even after agreeing on price, the purchaser may need to get financing and you’ll need to figure out how to pay off your lien all while steering clear of payment scams and making sure you’ve completed the proper paperwork. And if something goes wrong with the vehicle you sold, guess whose door the purchaser is coming back to!

Traditional Dealership

Getting a price from a traditional new or used car dealer can be like pulling teeth. Let’s face it, most salespeople don’t get compensated for buying vehicles. From waiting for an available salesperson to waiting for the used car manager to appraise your vehicle, what should have taken 10 minutes can turn into quite the outing. You’ll eventually get a price but that’ll be after feeling the pressure to buy one of their vehicles in the interim. Your head will be spinning whether their offer was too low, you end up taking less than you wanted or walked out owning a new vehicle while not really knowing what they paid for yours!

Online Appraisals

There are a lot of websites fishing for your business. These websites can be lead generators for traditional dealerships whose motive is unsurprisingly to sell you another vehicle. If you do get an offer to purchase, it most definitely comes with a few strings attached. Aside from the logistical challenges of exchanging payment, paperwork and the vehicle, an online appraisal can be rescinded upon physical inspection of the vehicle. The rescinder will usually still be interested in purchasing the vehicle but just not for the same price they gave you online!


Chachingo has listened to vehicle owners and developed a fast, friendly and fair way to sell your vehicle. Get your vehicle appraised in 10 minutes or less with our express lane technology. We won’t waste your time trying to sell you another vehicle because we’re not in that business and unlike online appraisals, our offers never change because we’ve actually laid eyes on the vehicle!

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